Stop Losing Clients Because of Your Boring Website

It’s not you, it’s your homepage.

Getting more visitors to your site doesn’t automatically translate to more sales. You need to get people interested enough to stay on your page and contact you for services. If you aren’t getting calls or leads from your website, it’s about time to give your site a makeover.

Thankfully, everyone has access to the resources they need to create a visually compelling website. Here are 7 tips to help your website go from dull to fabulous!

You have 5 seconds…GO!

Don’t make your clients work too hard figuring out if you can help them or not. What you do needs to be very obvious within the first few seconds someone scans your site. If visitors are not sure if you are the right fit for them, ambiguity will surely steer them away. 

To aid in the clarity of your message, you need to work on the structure and format of your content. Be specific and keep it on the shorter side. 

You don’t need to go into the details about every single aspect of your business. Visitors shouldn’t have to scroll all the way down to the bottom or over to the next page (which they aren’t likely to do most of the time) just to get an idea of what service you are offering.

Stop the monotony

Your clients have probably viewed thousands of websites in their internet surfing adventures. Break up the dullness of the standard web layout by limiting the amount of text you use and by adding color blocks or photos to divide the page. Try replacing lengthy descriptions with visual representations, like infographics. Not only do they save a lot of space on your page, they’re much easier to understand and interesting to look at.

If you are still feeling stuck on a design, visit a lot of websites that do what you are trying to do. Nail down what aspect of each successful website you find interesting and think about what is absent or what you would do differently. You can always employ the help of a web designer as well, we hear Cascade Digital Marketing is pretty good.

“Remember, a majority of your clients will be accessing your site from their smartphones or tablets.

Contacting you should be ridiculously easy

One of the main purposes of your website is to serve as a means for your clients to get in touch with you immediately. A call to action should be promptly available (contact us, free quote, etc).

Provide different options for contact including a phone number, email address, and information request form.

Chatbots are another great way to offer easy contact. In a culture where people don’t necessarily want to pick up the phone to call, a chatbot offers a convenient and less intimidating way to provide the information your future client is looking for. Chatbots are also good attention grabbers and provide an interactive aspect to your home page.

Shiny, happy people

You need to choose photos of people that your target audience can identify with. If you have an image in mind of what your ideal clients look like, use pictures of people who possess those traits.

Make sure that the people in your photos are happy and smiling. Be aware of the tone that each picture portrays. Use high quality images, and go for photos that have a similar color palette and lighting. 

For more tips on choosing stellar photos for your site, check out our blog post dedicated to this topic here.

Slow… websites… are… the… … … worst.

Here’s a universal truth: Everyone hates a slow website. If your site isn’t responsive enough clients will leave. 

Not many people are willing to waste their precious time waiting for your website to load when there are plenty of faster sites out there offering the same services you provide. The problem with a slow website is not just that you’re likely to lose potential clients (which you are), it can also damage your brand’s reputation. 

Site viewers will naturally assume that a mediocre website indicates:

  1. You’re not reliable. 
  2. You’re old fashioned and out of touch with technology
  3. You might not be legitimate since your site leaves something to be desired.

A majority of your clients will be accessing your site from their smartphones or tablets. This is yet another reason why you need to ensure that your website is optimized to be mobile-friendly and responsive.

They like you, they really like you!

If you were able to hold someone’s attention long enough to consider using your services, the next hurdle is building some trust so that they contact you. 

Nothing says consumer satisfaction more than a client testimonial. Your services aren’t replaceable products, they are intangible and don’t come with a return policy. It is important that you look for ways to inspire confidence in your potential clients by showing them how successful you have been in the past. This is your opportunity to brag about yourself through the words and images of your happy customers. 

Offer free content

Think about your most frequently asked questions, and produce some free content based on those. By offering value free of charge, you are showing off your industry knowledge and building some brand equity. You want people leaving your site feeling like they got something worthwhile just for visiting. 

That value will stand out in their minds and they will likely come back to your page and contact you for more.

Following these tips will take your practice to the next level. But if thinking about websites gives you a headache, and you just want a professional to handle it for you, Cascade Digital Marketing can help. We’ll design a beautiful and effective new family law website that attracts new clients and ultimately improves your firm’s bottom line. 

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