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Our digital marketing agency will help your business get more customers and increase revenue.


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Cascade Digital Marketing is all about results for our clients. From PPC to SEO, our digital marketing agency is solely focused on increasing our customer’s bottom lines.

We are laser-focused on bringing clients tangible results in the form of more profit, revenue, and clients. We use any marketing method that provides an immediate, trackable benefit to the business. The goal of our marketing services is for you to receive $300 for every $100 you invest. It’s like printing money.

All you need to drive more traffic and dollars to your company is a well designed, SEO-driven web site and an optimized advertising campaign.

Cascade will help you with whatever your business needs to grow.

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If you are looking for a mega advertising agency with offices around the globe, keep searching.
But if you want a hard-working marketing partner, dedicated to growing your company, then Cascade Digital Marketing is for you.

Our creative marketing agency leader

Josh Kilen
President (Buck Stopper)

Josh is a published author of more than 30 books and a veteran marketer with 15+ years of experience. He’s worked with hundred million dollar businesses but prefers helping local small businesses see out sized results.

Cascade Digital Marketing is a small business itself, but with the ability to grow with your business needs. Josh is certified by Google in Search, Display, Mobile, and Video advertising and will help you run an effective advertising campaign that returns your investment by three times or more.

Derek Sitthideth
Content Specialist (Word Shephard)

Derek can turn a phrase with the best of them. From expert blog posts to perfectly written emails, Derek turns mere words into a golden bounty, a cornecopia of wordish delight.

He’s also really great about reaching out to customers to make sure they are satisfied and to see if they need additional services. We like Derek. 

Alassandro Ruiz
Social Media Specialist (Lord of the Facebook)

Al is all about connecting with people. Whether it’s a conversation about Star Wars (he knows all 151 Orders, even the secret ones) or talking about how to get more fans on Facebook, Al has a knack for personal connection. 

Al manages Cascade’s social media outreach and community. He also writes a blog post or two.

Keren Gordham
Account Executive (The Velvet Hammer)

Keren (not Karen) proves that size doesn’t tell the whole story. She’s the primary contact with Cascade’s new employees and don’t you dare call it just ‘customer service.’

When she’s not communicating Cascade’s story to potential clients, she’s geeking out over Broadway shows or keeping up with the Netflix queue. 



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