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What if your firm could find new clients without additional effort? Cascade Digital Marketing’s Family Law Marketing system will get you new clients automatically and generate more revenue every month!

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Digital Advertising

Digital ads through Google and Facebook will give your family law firm the edge.

Web Design & Hosting

Every family law firm needs a beautiful, responsive, effective website that increases revenue.

Content & Social Media

Give your clients the information they need to trust and believe you. 


Marketing Your Family Law Firm

Marketing doesn’t have to be hard, expensive, or time consuming. Cascade will show you how to maximize your marketing budget to get the most out of your resources, consistently get new clients, and grow your firm.

More Leads For Less = More Revenue

Better client leads means you make more money. It’s getting $10 for every dollar you pay in ads.

No More Slow Seasons

Your firm will have a steady stream of new leads coming in month after month. No more slow periods or down time.

You Know Your Marketing Works

You’ll receive a monthly report that shows you exactly how effective your marketing is. No more guessing.

3 Easy Steps to Automatic Marketing for Your Family Law Firm

1. Schedule a Call

You’re fed up with less than stellar marketing results and want to grow your firm without the hassle of learning about marketing.

Schedule a call with our marketing experts and we’ll walk you step-by-step through our process.

2. Choose a Package

Every firm is unique, but most family law firms have similar marketing needs. Our marketing packages address three most common marketing needs with easy to implement solutions that we’ve proven to work. 

We’ll do the same for you.

3. Get More Clients

The goal of marketing is to get more leads that turn into clients, which ultimately bring in more revenue. That’s what we do.

Our proven marketing system brings in more leads, more clients, and makes you more revenue. You do nothing extra.

Case Study

Torrone Law
Family Law Firm

Torrone Law is a top rated family law firm in Tacoma, WA and needed a website that accurately reflected its ability to provide tremendous value to local families. Their main practice areas are CPS custody cases, family law (divorce, child support, custody), and personal injury.

Cascade built the site to be a lead engine, with all calls to action on every page, an automatic chat bot, and a focus on SEO keywords. 

Digital ads delivered leads automatically to their inbox, producing 10X ROI. 

Family Law Leads

Cascade brings in 30+ custody, divorce, CPS, and child support leads every month.

New Clients Each Month

Using a blend of professional web design and digital advertising, Torrone Law brings in 10 times the cost of marketing. 

Inexpensive PI Leads

Personal injury leads can cost you thousands of dollars. Cascade gets PI leads for less than $150 per lead.

Torrone Law Video Ads

CPS Law Video Ad

Personal Injury Video Ad

Child Support Video Ad

Family Law Marketing Pricing


How many leads/clients will we get?

We can’t guarantee that you will get a certain number of clients each month. That’s not how advertising works. We do know that our clients have seen more than 90 leads in a single month using our advertising and web design system. 

We are certain that you will get leads and the fees you get from those leads will more than pay for the money you spend on marketing.

Why do I need to spend money on ads AND pay you to manage them?

When you choose one of our packages, you are agreeing to pay us to make sure your ads are working and that you aren’t wasting money. Google and Facebook, the two platforms we’ll be working with, charge you for advertising to their users. 

You will pay one fee to us to make sure your advertising is done right. You also pay Google and Facebook for the ads themselves.

What if it doesn't work?

It will work. In fact, using our proven ad system we can start getting you new leads and new clients within the first month. We’ll bring them to you, and you close them. 

The number of clients you get will only be limited by the money you can afford to spend on ads. Because our system is so effective, more ad spend means more clients.

What package is the best for my practice?

The Just Ads Package – This package is perfect for a smaller practice that has a decent website or can’t afford the extra monthly fee on top of ad spend. If you are looking to use that extra money on ads, we totally get it. However, for most of our customers we recommend the Growth Package.

The Growth Package – This is the most popular and most successful package. When we combine the power of the Growth Package with a healthy ad spend (varies depending on the market, but more than $1000/mo), we see amazing results. Typically we see twice as many leads with the Growth Package as opposed to the Just Ads Package. This package is for firms that are serious about growth and picking up a ton of new cases each month.

Full Marketing Package – This package includes everything in the other two packages, and more. It’s for firms that have an eye to the future and want to lay a firm foundation to be the very best in their markets. If you’re looking to be the top family law firm in your region, this package is exactly what you need. After a year of content marketing, advanced SEO, social media engagement, on top of a premium website and incredible advertising, your firm will see new clients from ads, social media, SEO, referrals, as well as from your website. It’s the total package.

Can you guarantee results?

We would LOVE to guarantee results. We would love to tell you that if you pay $2500 a month, you will get back $15,000-$25,000 or more every single month. But guaranteeing those results would be irresponsible and potentially dishonest, and we won’t do that.

We CAN tell you that our clients have received 10x’s ROI results from ads and one of our clients makes an extra $300k a year just from Google Ads. The results are real, but we can’t absolutely tell you what results you will get.

My friend tried Google Ads/Facebook Ads and it was just a waste of money.

Yup, we hear that a lot. Almost every time we dig into why the friend lost money, it’s because they didn’t know what they were doing. Either they had a setting wrong, or targeted the wrong keywords or audience, or their ads just weren’t good.

Digital ads work. Period. You just have to know how to use them properly. Thankfully for you, we are experts.

What Do Clients Say?

We’re not ones to toot our own horn. We let our clients do that.

“Working with Josh has been great. He helped transform my website and continues to assist my business. I’ve referred him to colleagues and will continue to do so.”

Jordan Foster

Jordan Foster Law

I explained my vision so that they could translate that into my amazing website. The end result was beyond my expectation. You will NOT be disappointed!

Bolesha Johnson

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