How to Choose a Name for Your Family Law Website

 Avoid getting stuck on this small but important task

Starting a website can be really intimidating. Choosing a name, learning about extensions, and producing good content for your site can feel like thankless work. But if you are looking to build your practice’s online presence, having an easy to find and comprehensive site is one of the best (and most crucial) ways you can communicate with people who may need your services. 

Thinking of a domain name that will enhance your business rather than hinder it is a fundamental piece of the puzzle.…the abridged version

Effective domain names should contain descriptors that relate directly to your offering, but keep in mind that stuffing your web address full of keywords can adversely affect the site’s performance as search engines might flag it as spam. 

Using hyphens is also not advisable for the same reason. Remember that you want to keep your site’s name as concise as possible so that it is easy for your customers to remember. 

How many times have you taken down someone’s email address over the phone, or glanced at a business card and thought “geeze, couldn’t they have chosen something shorter?” Don’t be that person. Unnecessarily long domain names are distracting.

You must use your limited domain real estate wisely and be self aware. Carefully consider how your name will be perceived and try to choose something that describes your business in 3 words or less. 

The most widely used extensions have become a symbol of security and legitimacy.

Don’t pick a knock-off extension

The extension is what comes after your domain name in your web address. For example, in the site name, “familylawattorney” is the domain name, and .com is the domain extension. There are many extensions available with the most common being .com, .net, or .org.

Picking a popular extension is like buying name brand soda. We all know that cola tastes about the same as Coke, but we just feel better with that pretty red label in our hands. The same goes for extension names.

You give off a certain impression if you don’t have a popular extension and your site may be perceived as spammy or unprofessional. The most widely used extensions have become a symbol of security and legitimacy.

A few more important points

  • Choose something unique and descriptive of your business, but stay away from niche or industry only terms. You want to appeal to a wide audience.
  • Go for a name that is expandable, don’t box yourself in! You may want to change the direction of your practice in the future (i.e. using partner names for the web address or a specific location).
  • Check to see if the name is available across social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) so that you can have cohesive branding.
  • Refrain from using a mix of letters and numbers as it can be misread, like 0(zero) as o(letter), and cause confusion.

Choosing and registering a new domain name for your family law website can provide massive benefits for your practice, but don’t overthink it.  Some people are paralyzed with indecision before they even have a website because they are afraid of making the wrong decision on the name.

An imperfect domain name is better than no domain at all! So either choose a name as best you can, and own it or entrust the help of a professional marketing company.

If your strengths are in litigation, and not naming websites, we would love to partner up and help you out. We’ll design (and name) a beautiful and effective new family law website that attracts new clients and ultimately improves your firm’s bottom line. Let’s talk!


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