Why Your Website is Terrible and How to Fix It

June 11, 2018
By Josh Kilen

Why Your Website is Terrible and How to Fix It

If your website sucks and you know it, clap your hands (and update your site)


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If we are being honest, it’s not difficult to build a website today. With all of the tools and information out there anyone can put together a series of web pages with a domain and call it good. But is it? Most of the websites out there that we see are not great. They may have figured out how to create a dropdown menu, or fit their pictures into a nice carousel at the top of the page. But there is much more that goes into building a great website than layout and fancy features.



Let’s start with the biggest flaw in company websites; business websites focus on themselves.

Companies try to show off and argue why they should be chosen to fill the customer’s needs. They do this by talking about the company’s history, show pictures of their building, or explaining why they are the best in the region. They use words like: unsurpassed service, industry leader, second to none, etc and ad nauseum.

With most websites, I’m bored by the middle of the home page and my attention is lost. A customer comes to your site wondering how the company could help them, not wondering how your organization came to be.



A major misconception most companies have in building their site is using language like “We are committed to quality and service” or “Serving the Puget Sound since 1998”.

This type of jargon seems to be focused on the customer, when it is actually focused on the company. Take a look at what language you are using on your site and consider this: does your copy focus on your customer and their needs, or is it really pointing the conversation back to you and your company’s needs?



Your customers don’t care about you – they care about themselves and their need at hand.

The goal of your website should be to make the customer the hero of your story; Talk about their problems, how you can help them and how life will be brighter and better when you work with them.

Put them at the forefront of every page, every topic. Figure out how you fit into their story, not how they fit into yours. How do you help them reach their goals.



If want to make your website great and not just another fancy, self-involved page, there are some basic things you need to do.

  1. Change your language from “we” and “our” to “you” and “your”.
    This will let your customers know that you are putting them first, that they are your focus. It will also keep them engaged in your site because they feel as if they are being spoken to not talked at.
  2. Highlight a single customer problem and build from there. This will give your site focus and make it relatable to the customer.
  3. Take down the images of your building and your CEO or company staff, and instead use pictures of customers reaping the benefits of your product or service. For example, a coffee company might use images of their customers enjoying a cup of coffee or pastry. A law firm might show images of their customers shaking hands with the attorney or smiling as they leave the courthouse.
  4. Take the focus of your ‘about’ page off of yourself, and focus on how you can solve your customer’s problem. Shift the mindset of your company from what you are, to what you do for your customer. This will capture the attention of your customer because they will feel it’s about them personally.

Following these simple steps will help propel your website from just another one in the pack, to a great website. It will catch the eye of your customers, engage them and leave them feeling empowered and excited – and ready to give you a call!


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