Why You Shouldn’t List All Your Practice’s Areas

You’re client’s attention is at a premium. If you confuse them by highlighting too many practice areas on your website, they will take their case to your competitor.
November 6, 2019
By Josh Kilen

Why You Shouldn’t List All Your Practice’s Areas

Stop confusing potential clients by telling them everything about your family law firm

You’re client’s attention is at a premium. If you confuse them by highlighting too many practice areas on your website, they will take their case to your competitor. 

Imagine a client gets to your site looking for a divorce lawyer, but sees you also handle probate, and traffic tickets, and personal injury cases, and custody cases. Might that potential client think that you don’t know divorces all that well because you are distracted by all types of cases? 

Here are three ways you can cut through the clutter and make sure clients know what you do and how you can help.

Keep It Simple

Listing out every service available can make it hard for a potential client to identify with your brand, which in turn makes your firm feel unapproachable. 

The best strategy is to include your most profitable services on the front page, and more details can be included on a separate tab. This keeps things concise and doesn’t make your website feel overwhelming. It also gives your clients a specific place to go if they want to learn more.

Get the Homepage Right

Rather than bombarding visitors with all of the things you offer right away, present them with an amazing, high-level explanation that showcases your firm’s value (150 words or less). Think of this section as a teaser, leaving the potential client interested and wanting to know more. Make sure you focus on the client in your elevator pitch, not yourself, or your firm’s experience.

Pictures on your home page should be representative of the kind of clients you are trying to attract. Are you looking to solve a family’s legal problems and make their lives easier? Then include pictures of happy families rather than of your building or your team’s headshots.

After a few seconds of looking at your homepage, the visitor will like what they see and need further direction. You need to have a very obvious call to action on the homepage. This can be something like a button to schedule a consultation or to contact the firm.

When someone visits your homepage there should be no confusion about what it is you do, a simple call to action, engaging pictures of happy people, and a reason to want to visit the other pages on your site.

“Listing services in the same manner as you would products can hurt your conversion rate.

Inspire Confidence

The most prominent driving force in selling a service is trust. Unlike products that can be returned if found to be unsatisfactory, there is no safety net with services.

If you were selling a commodity, the focus would primarily be on aspects like price, design, features, etc. However, selling a service requires you to focus on building a relationship with your client. This is why listing services in the same manner as you would products can hurt your conversion rate.

People tend to gravitate towards brands that they feel they can count on, and the copy on your site is the first step in building trust with your client. It should show that you understand the problem they have and are capable of meeting their needs. 

For example, instead of saying “our family law firm has been in business for over 20 years and have settled thousands of divorces” say something like “we have a deep understanding of how painful and difficult divorce can be, and we are here to support and guide you through this trying time” This takes the importance off of the firm and places it where it should be, on the client.

When building a website for a family law firm, less really is more. Focus on these simple tips and create a site that quickly and effectively translates your brand and mission.

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