Three game-changing SEO solutions for small businesses

Good SEO doesn’t have to break the bank.

If you are a start-up company running on a tight budget, you might find it hard to get your web pages optimized for search engines. Don’t worry, there are plenty of ways to solve this problem, and they don’t cost all that much money.

The following are a few of the affordable methods you can resort to for optimizing your site for web traffic:

Set up a WordPress website with a Yoast SEO plugin

The Yoast plugin is one of the most valuable SEO tools available to a self-hosted WordPress website. It lets you control and manage titles, track how frequently you’re using your target set of keywords, and much more.

How to install it

All you need to do is go to the plugins option on your self hosted WordPress website and click on add new. If the Yoast SEO doesn’t show up in the list, you can use the search bar to find it. Once you’ve downloaded and activated it, select the SEO option on your dashboard. This is what you use to operate the Yoast menu.

Features offered

  • Keyword optimization

The Yoast SEO runs a keyword search on your content pages based on what keyword you want your website to be optimized for. It then lets you know whether the keywords have been used frequently enough.

  • Preview your webpage

You get to preview what your webpage will look like in the Google search results. This can help determine whether the preview looks appealing enough for visitors to click on the link to your webpage. If not, you can make changes accordingly.

  • Readability

The Yoast plugin assesses the readability of your content page and grades it on the Flesch Reading Ease scale.

  • Linking suggestions

It offers you ideas for linking to other relevant pages within the website itself.

  • Taxonomy

It categorizes every webpage on your site for you.

What do you do to boost up your site’s speed and get the number of visitors rolling?


A slow website is a significant deterrent to potential customers. It is more than just mildly irritating, and most of your site visitors won’t wait around for your site to load.

What do you do to boost up your site’s speed and get the number of visitors rolling?

GTmetrix is a beneficial tool in this regard. It is the perfect application for testing your websites’ speed. It helps you analyze various aspects of your website such as page load time, size, user request, etc.

You will get some highly valuable insight regarding your network traffic. This includes information like what time of day most visitors view your website. This can be useful in finding your target audience, determining the best time slots for adding fresh content and advertisements.

Location-based speed tests

GTmetrix performs speed tests from multiple locations. The closer you are to the server, the faster the page will load.  If you’re a local website, you can choose to conduct local speed tests to see how the location of your server is affecting the speed of your page loads.

Testing your subpages 

Your homepage is likely more of a gateway to the rest of your webpages. So comparatively, it might have less information and is probably quicker to load. To get a better overview of your site speed, GTmetrix allows you to test a few of your relevant subpages as well.


A lot of small businesses rely heavily on citations to boost their rankings. They are detrimental in building a reputation and a way of establishing yourself as a prominent member of the local business network.

The more often your business or your website is mentioned, the higher you rank in the local business community.

What is Whitespark?

It is a citation finding tool that helps you in deciding which directory you should list your business in. It also gives you a general overview of who your major competitors are. This allows you to implement a strategy that will help boost your local search rankings and get your business to the forefront of the local market.

Using a combination of visual tools like charts, graphs, metrics, etc. you can track how well your competitors are performing. You can also get an online visibility score that helps determine how well perceived your website is based on keyword searches.

Whitespark is an ideal application for finding out where you stand in the local search ranking results.

With the help of SEO tools like the Yoast plugin, Whitespark citation finder, and GTmetrix, you can make drastic changes to your website, improving its optimization and helping your potential customers find you more easily.

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