Digital Advertising

Digital advertising for your business isn’t always cheap, but it’s THE BEST way for your company to gain new customers and clients.

Why You Need Digital Advertising

If your small business doesn’t have a ton of money to spend on marketing, you need to consider advertising online. You need to make sure that for every dollar you invest, you are getting a return on your money. That’s why Google Ads and Facebook Ads make so much sense!

Digital Advertising Will Help You:

Drive Sales

Digital ads increases your sales while making sure you don’t waste money.

Get New Customers

Find more customers and clients through search engines and social media.


Enhances SEO

Enhance your website’s SEO by investing in this proven marketing strategy.

Peace of Mind

You will never have to wonder if your SEM/PPC campaigns are making you money.

What’s Included With Cascade’s Digital Ads Management?

Running a successful digital ads campaign isn’t easy and there are many ways you could waste a ton of money learning how to do it right. Cascade Digital Marketing employs certified experts who will help your business invest in digital advertising correctly, setting up your campaign for consistent success. It’s our goal to get you at least a 3 to 1 return.

So what does Cascade PPC Management look like?

3:1 Return on Investment

If you spend money, you expect to see a return on your investment. We aim to bring you at least $3 in sales for every $1 spent on ads.

Certified Google Ads Expert

You’ll have your own Google Ads certified expert to manage your account and answer any of your questions.

Worldwide Reach

You’ll be able to advertise across the globe, or in just your city. You can target your audience by zip code, city, state, or country.

Ad Creation and Development

We’ll learn about your business to write truly engaging ad copy. You’ll have final approval of the ads before they go live.

Keyword Research

We’ll scour the internet to find a list of the exact right keywords that get the results you are expecting.

Weekly & Monthly Reports

We’ll send you a detailed performance report on the first of the month as well as every Monday. You’ll always know how it’s doing.

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How Digital Ads Management Works


Discuss Objectives

We’ll sit down and figure out what your ad campaigns need to be successful as well as your business goals for advertising.

Deep Research

Using your goals as our guide, we research the best way to bring qualified, paying customers and clients to your company.

Approve and Launch

We build up your accounts, write ad copy, specify targeting, and create bidding strategies based on research and goals.

Measure + Optimize

We analyze and optimize existing campaigns, report on performance, and create seasonal campaigns.

Cascade Digital Ads Management Pricing

Are you ready to get more leads, revenue, customers, and client? Cascade’s digital advertising services will grow your business faster and better than any other marketing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an ad group?

An ad group is a themed group of keywords (words people search for on Google) matching your ad title. For example, an ad group titled “landscape design”, would include the following keywords: landscape design, custom landscaping, landscape designers near me, etc. A higher amount of ad groups will result in higher budget spent per month.

Do more ad groups always result in higher budget spending per month?

This is usually the case, but not always. It ultimately depends on the monthly search volume of the keywords within an ad group and other scoring factors determining ad rank.

Will you build my landing page?

Landing page creation is a premium feature and included in the Executive Plan. The Basic and Premium Plans include landing page consultations. We also offer web design services.

What is landing page consultation?

We provide consultation on how your landing page should be designed to generate potential customers and clients.

Can I move up or down on plans?

Yes, you may move up or down at any time. Once signed up, contact Josh Kilen to change your plan at any time.

What are preset monthly meetings?

We schedule a recurring monthly phone meeting with every business in the Executive Plan to go over performance and goals.

I have questions regarding my account.

If you’re on the Basic package, please email for support. If you’re on the Premium or Executive Plans, please schedule a phone conference with Josh and he will answer your questions.

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