How to Capture Your Customer’s Attention

August 20, 2018
By Josh Kilen

How to Capture Your Customer's Attention

Conquering the short attention span and using it to your advantage


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If you pay attention to the latest marketing trends, you’ve likely come across articles that say how the consumer attention span is shortening. The result of this idea has directed companies across the world to shorten their ad content with the hope of engaging more consumers. If the ad gets the message across faster, then it will be more successful.

While there is some truth to this theory, I would challenge it to say that the attention span isn’t growing shorter; the consumer filter is growing stronger.

With so much noise out there, the consumer has developed a quick way to filter out what they give their attention to. When they come across an ad or video, they give it less time to peak their interest before moving on. When something does make it past their filter though, the consumer will engage more with the content and be more likely to purchase the product or service.

So attention spans aren’t growing shorter, their filters are becoming more refined. But how do you utilize this information to get more engagement on your content?



While people are compelled by your initial words, they pay attention to video longer than text on screens. After all a picture is worth a thousand words, remember?

If you only have a matter of seconds to break the filter boundaries of the consumer, a video might be more efficient. Videos have a proven record to be easier to recall than text, and they are a more immersive experience for the viewer altogether.



With shorter attention spans, a lot of companies will focus on where to place their logo, when to put in the contact info, and how to incorporate their company brand into the eight-second message. This is a surefire way to lose the consumer’s attention. The focus of your shortened ad should be not to push the brand, but instead to make a connection with the viewer.

Peak their emotional interest – curiosity, personal, empathetic – to retain their attention. This gives the consumer a much deeper view of your company, and will ultimately draw in a more engaged customer.



One of the fastest ways to lose the attention of a perspective customer is to bury the point of your business or product. To incorporate the point into a relatable purpose for the consumer, create a story that is problem solving.

Most products and services are there to fill some sort of void or help the customer in some way. So, identify that need quickly and show the customer why you are relevant to their story. This will engage the consumer and encourage them to pursue the product or service beyond that initial ad.



Creating content that is specific to the consumer that you are reaching is vital making your ad engaging. To grab the reader’s attention you have to engage them immediately. A strong way to do this is by positioning them as the most important character.

Build a story that revolves around the consumer to keep their attention.

One way to do this is to pay attention to how you are advertising your business. We have talked in previous blog posts about AdWords and keyword use when creating digital ads. If you narrow in your customer base, and advertise to them specifically, you will see a higher engagement on your posts. Don’t try to reach everyone, try to reach the customer’s who have use for your product/service.


The refined consumer filter is actually an advantage to your marketing. If you follow the steps above to make your content more specific to your audience group, you will capture the correct consumer’s attention and receive more engagement and business from people that are actually interested in your product or service. This means spending less time and money on advertising to everyone (including people who have no interest in your business) and instead focusing on the consumers that you want to bring in.

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