Clients buy because of your words

The words that you use matter. If you use the right message, your clients will buy.

Branding isn’t a logo. It’s the right message.

Too often, we confuse branding with a logo or colors or design. Nope. Your brand is your message, how your customers know your company. Once you have the right message, everything else falls into place.

Is Your Message Clear?

Do clients understand exactly how you can help them solve their problems? We’ll help you clarify your message for your entire company.

Do Clients Know You?

Are you telling your story in a way that matters to clients? We will show you how to show your true colors while engaging clients.

How Are You Standing Out?

How do you stand out from your competition? Cascade will show you how to identify your unique brand elements and use them well.

Cascade will help you get the right message.

Marketing & Ad Copy

From social media to pay-per-click ads, the right message will make your clients act. Cascade crafts marketing messages that speak to your clients and compel them to buy your services.

Website Copy

Your website’s message is the most important of all your marketing efforts. Cascade will make sure that your website uses the right words to convert vistors to buyers.

Email Marketing

Email is still the most cost effective way to reach clients, but you need to know what to say. We will give you the tools to craft perfect emails that get you more clients.

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Your Marketing Improves

A few days after your free 30-Minute Strategy Session, Cascade will give you a basic marketing plan and full website evaluation.

You can use this plan to keep doing your own marketing (no hard feelings, it’s okay), or you can hire Cascade to refine the plan and implement your new marketing strategy. It’s up to you.

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